Draw out your natural abilities and improve muscle training
From muscle training” to efficient use of the body.

The chair axis method is a “quick body axis adjustment method” that allows you to instantly create the best body axis (central axis of the body) in only 5 seconds using a chair.

It is a new balance training method based on an unprecedented new theory developed through years of research into modern bodywork and traditional martial arts.

Once the body axis is established, it is possible to dramatically improve balance, arm strength, leg strength, and other abilities necessary for all sports.

Many people are working hard on their core training, but there are still very few who are training their “body axis”.

No matter how hard you train, if your body axis is tilted, you will not be able to demonstrate half of your physical abilities

If you have a strong body axis, you can achieve great results with little effort. That is how important the body axis is for athletes.

In particular, Japanese athletes tend to be more physically challenged than their Western counterparts.

Against opponents who have no chance to win by muscle strength, it is necessary to consider how to use the body to fight “efficiently” without using muscle strength as much as possible.

And what is indispensable for learning how to use the body “efficiently” is the [body axis].

Although many training methods for body axis have been published so far, they are all complicated and difficult, and have not spread to the general public yet.

The chair axis method is very simple and easy because you just sit or stand on a chair.

It is a revolutionary balance training method that has the potential to become the new norm in Japan and around the world.

I have been asking myself, “Which posture is best for me to achieve better records in sports?” “Is my body getting tired easily because of my bad posture?” Have you ever had these problems?

When you learn the chair axis method, your body automatically adjusts itself to the body axis in which you are most capable, so you no longer need to worry about “correct standing posture.

The three major characteristics of the chair axis method

(1) Anyone can easily form the body axis in 5 seconds
(2) Forming an accurate body axis
(3) Automatic body axis formation

This is a new system in which the body automatically forms the body axis through
the action of muscle reflexes and the semicircular canals, without you having to think about it.

The three major effects of the chair axis method

(1) Improvement of physical ability
The physical abilities necessary for all athletes, such as arm strength, leg strength, endurance, and balance, can be improved instantly (in 5 seconds) by performing the chair axis method. In addition, performing the Chair Axis Method just before a match will help you adjust your condition to the optimum state.

(2)Automatically heals pelvic distortion
Muscle balance is adjusted and major distortions of the pelvis and spine are corrected naturally. The elimination of body distortion improves athletic performance and prevents injury. (This is a unique effect of the chair axis method, which allows for precise body axis adjustment.)

(3)Promotes well-balanced development
Training in the correct posture builds the well-balanced muscles necessary for correct posture. Depending on which state you train in, this will show up as a big difference in 1 to 3 years. Benefits can also be expected in the development of a child’s athletic ability and autonomic nervous system.